A puzzle of bones, flesh, and muscles. (startaintedsky) wrote,
A puzzle of bones, flesh, and muscles.

Off to work.

... I hate my job, kill me now.
Tags: bitching ahead, i hate my job, whining, work is hell, zellers

  • -.-

    Fucking work. :( I don't want to go tomorrow, customers are NO FUN. And I close. Boo. :( At least it's only a four hour? o.o I only have Monday off.…

  • (no subject)

    God. Work. Could it get any worse right now? Between senior's day, and corporate coming down, and... =/ This sucks ass. Hugely.

  • Tea...

    Mm, so I have roobios vanilla tea- which apparently has pear pieces! :3 Never had roobios before... I hope it's good. :)

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